Brain Candy book cover and spine design

My dear friend and former colleague Deirdre Allen Timmons has written her first book and I had the honor to design, illustrate and produce the cover, back and spine.  Brain Candy is a witty, poignant book about life, love, illness, motherhood and loss and personal growth in this amazing woman’s life journey. The author chose to self-publish with the aid of online tools and enabled us to upload the cover and interior files to their templates. They did a beautiful job producing the cover. The finish is soft and almost velvety to the touch. Colors are spot on as well, I created the cover in Procreate on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Then I imported the image to Photoshop to adjust size and hand draw the title Brain Candy. I use a Wacom tablet when using Photoshop most of the time and it allows me to illustrate more freely. The cover text was also produced in photoshop and saved out as a PDF to upload to the Ingramspark Indesign template. Such a super fun project!


Book Cover illustration and design front


Book Cover illustration and design 


Front of business card  


Back of business card

Newest arrival

So excited, my custom embosser just arrived in the mail today and works great! Kudos to for your great customer service. You will find this little logo on all my giclee prints moving forward. I love little embellishments that make art pieces just a little more special. 

The 2015 Madison Park Art Walk was a success

Well the 2015 Madison Park Art Walk opening was last Friday night. The weather was beautiful and people came out early and numbers to enjoy the art and food provided by Starbucks and the local merchants. I have to say, it was an exciting event, even though I was little nervous and concerned that people would have a hard time finding my show because it was at the end of the street, not directly on Madison. But they did find the spot and traffic flowed continually all evening. Thank you to everyone who came out, friends, family and supporters of the arts. Time to start prepping for my next show. 

2015 Madison Park Art Walk at Wicklund Real Estate, Seattle, WA

2015 Madison Park Art Walk at Wicklund Real Estate, Seattle, WA

10 Framed pieces for the show, also available unframed giclee prints

10 Framed pieces for the show, also available unframed giclee prints

Funny Trees I  Limited Edition Giclee Print

Funny Trees I  Limited Edition Giclee Print

My childhood home

Just finished this one today. Started out as a tree illustration and turned into a pretty little landscape of my childhood house and farm. Well, I left the farm out of it this time and focused on the mailbox at the end of the lane. My mom and dad still live there and I still love getting letters. 


Nursery art...

This a new piece for a new baby. Sadie Jane gets a new art piece in her bedroom.