Brain Candy book cover and spine design

My dear friend and former colleague Deirdre Allen Timmons has written her first book and I had the honor to design, illustrate and produce the cover, back and spine.  Brain Candy is a witty, poignant book about life, love, illness, motherhood and loss and personal growth in this amazing woman’s life journey. The author chose to self-publish with the aid of online tools and enabled us to upload the cover and interior files to their templates. They did a beautiful job producing the cover. The finish is soft and almost velvety to the touch. Colors are spot on as well, I created the cover in Procreate on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Then I imported the image to Photoshop to adjust size and hand draw the title Brain Candy. I use a Wacom tablet when using Photoshop most of the time and it allows me to illustrate more freely. The cover text was also produced in photoshop and saved out as a PDF to upload to the Ingramspark Indesign template. Such a super fun project!


Book Cover illustration and design front


Book Cover illustration and design 


Front of business card  


Back of business card